9% of the world population play Chess! 91% never had a reason. Chess3 has the power to change all that!


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THE 3RD ELEMENT! The Promethean design instantly transforms two player chess into a 3 player game. Born is a new playing piece, the Champion, with the combined powers of Bishop and Knight! TRIAD DYNAMICS! The 3rd Player brings Chess into a New Era of Fun. People of all ages will play more often! READY TO TRAVEL! Sturdy Professional Carrying Case, Washable Neoprene Board, 3 Canvas Drawstring Bags for Pieces, Rules Printed on Durable Canvas. CHESS3 IS EASY TO LEARN AND FUN TO PLAY! Same rules, just tweaked to play On hexagonal spaces, with a few novel surprises. Example: The versatile Rook, hexes, has six choices of direction instead of four on squares. CAST DESIGN! Pieces Basic Proportion and Features are Akin to Chess, Six Sided Shapes were Destiny, Style Defines Ancient, and Intertwined with Future. CHESS3 IS COOL! Because Chess3 is exciting and stimulating, more students will be eager to play. Statistics show that students who play chess improve grades by a remarkable 17%. That makes Chess3 cool! Come see and play with chess3. Chicago toy and game fair, November 21-22, 2009, navy pier, Chicago il. toy fair 10, new york city, Jacob k javits convention center. Chess evolution, chess revolution, Introducing ChessCubed! This brilliant game played on hexagons, effortlessly transforms chess into a 3 player game. The 3rd player brings a new level of fun and excitement to chess. Stylish new playing pieces are designed specifically for 3 player hexagonal action. Game comes ready to travel with professional case and

neoprene board. See it at Chi-Tag Nov 22, Booth #609. Stores 2010. I would like this game in stores. We need your help, cast your vote! We Need Your Support... We Need Your Support To Help ChessCubed Line Up A Manufacturer. Simply Cast Your Vote To See ChessCubed In Stores! Copyright 2009 Chesscubed, Inc. All rights reserved.